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Imagine YOUR OLDER CHILDREN BEING TOLD, some 2 to 3 years from now, that, ALAS, it seems as if the majority miscalculated the results they should have anticipated due the 80+ MILLION TONS OF CRAP we continued to put into our ATMOSPHERE on a daily basis, AFTER (As in: “after”) we knew of the THREAT that was developing due the Non-Stop Global HeatRise and had to be confronted . . . or else.

That "Or ELSE" period is now upon us.

But you still have a choice:

One is to do nothing except "talk" about how our "current and planned efforts" should, most likely, work to protect our near term future and, possibly, ALSO protect our long term future. 

The other is to understand that, if our current "hopes", due our "stated efforts", start to visibly come apart DUE to what shall be the dire and direct result of the feared "Tipping Point" doing EXACTLY as expected of a Camp Fire upon access to all sorts of new and readily flammable materials;

There Shall Be Nothing We Can Do, Then, To Reverse Such.


For the Children:


We stand at a divide, a special divide. One path leads us to immolation on the still heating altar of our greed. The other offers a chance, but not more than that, of being able to avert our extinction, in the short term. To have ANY chance of continuing our existence on this planet calls on all who understand what we face to step forward and PROD the IMMEDIATE STORAGE OF ALL PERSONAL VEHICLES AND follow the guidelines as offered with such at


May “Common Sense” guide all!

To Duty!


With Thanks to:




Pray that Sanity return to your Nation! Why? As greed driven fools with no abilities to think through their actions, "Poor White Trash Fools" are as doomed as ALL OTHERS.

To ALL: We have driven Humanity to the edge of extinction due our infection by the needs of greed!

Will we wake? Or inform our children that due our INHERENT stupidity, WE REFUSE to learn and understand that "Nature" doesn't give two hoots about the needs of Idiots?

To all capable


Learn The Songs & Learn the Reasons

posted on this and many related websites!

And TURN on and against each and every Adult Family Member who refuses to sit down and start learning about what MUST be done to save your future!

Tell those IDIOTS: Forget the Lies & Related Crap of our Past!

The Ships Of State, at any level,


About The Climate Crisis!

The situation calls upon all true PATRIOTS to the ESSENCE of our HUMANITY to STEP FORWARD and START the storage of ALL personal vehicles.

The key goal is to stop the output of ALL AND ANY HEAT sources that are NOT absolutely necessary to our production and distribution of food! PERIOD!

Remember! "We" are in this together! “We"

brought this about due greed for

"Our Prized Mobility”!

Either we learn to silence all opposition to the need to IMMEDIATELY STOP ALL EXTRANEOUS HEAT PRODUCING ACTIVITIES, OR ACCEPT that we shall continue to do so WHILE turning on each other as displayed by a crowd of fools that entered Charlottesville with EVIL in their Hearts!

With absolute



To a safer, saner and more caring world.

To Duty!

Daniel J. Lavigne, Founder

“THE TAX REFUSAL” (Archived)



A great identifier for all who oppose

Bigots, Racist, Fools & Fascists!

Otherwise and to all:

Do your best, if you have Children,

to try to bring about the


of ALL personal vehicles.

It is the ONLY thing we can now do,

after wasting the 30 years of advanced

knowledge that stated, in the mid-eighties,

that we had to confront the Crisis,

or lose our world.


And So We Went Weeping 

And So We Went Weeping 

To the edge of her grave

She lay in her casket 

So quiet and brave. 

At the age of six 

She was wildly torn 

By a bastard in black 

Of some nation's uniform. 

To kill all such bastards! 

Is now our refrain 

To tear all such bastards 

From their mother's own brains! 

Kill all such bastards! 

Is now our common call! 

As we weep near the casket 

Of a child they made fall! 

And kill all their teachers 

They are scum! They are rot! 

Kill all their parents 

For birthing such blots! 

Woe! Scream our souls! 

May those bastards come by! 

We'll teach them to think! 

And not make children cry! 

Oh Please! Oh dear bastards! 

Please trust and come by 

Lest our hate heat our hearts 

And too soon make us die. 

Come near dear Bastards 

To hear us say hi . . . 

Come near to our hearts 

And yours we'll soon fry! 

And So We Went Weeping 

To another child lost 

To the hates of the past 

And miseries long sought. 

And So We Went Weeping 

And what else can we say 

Our hate and our anger 

Now guides all our days. 

Copyright July 11, 1998 

Daniel J. Lavigne  


 . . . . wrote

17. Last year I published this email in a profile I did of Kathy Griffin. It's from CBS Board Member Arnold Kopelson. He wrote this to her after the infamous Trump photo. Read this email carefully and remember it's from a board member of a public company.

I urge all to access and read

the vile threat, by

CBS Board Member Arnold Kopelson


Kathy Griffin


Put “HIM”

on your “Impale List"

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