Our New Reality

In the Face Of Hurricane Harvey

- The End Of The World As We Knew It -

I am not only a pacifist, but a militant pacifist. I am willing to fight for peace. Nothing will end war unless the people themselves refuse to go to war."  - Albert Einstein


August 31, 2017



Humanity now faces the possibility of an imminent gargantuan release of methanes and related gasses from the shallow Arctic Ocean basin that shall prompt a precipitous acceleration of the non-stop heat rise. If such happen: We are finished. Period.

Such is happening due the nature of our greed and related religious beliefs. Given these superstitious beliefs that a “God” will save us, there is little chance that any meaningful equilibrium shall be reached whereby we're able to reverse our greed driven determination to keep on using fossil fuels to drive our “Civilization”.

The non-stop HeatRise in face of such dooms us. Period.

Is it possible, within the limited time available, to confront the various mantras of religious beliefs and what they have caused us to do to each other? 

Perhaps. But one would be venturing but a guess that we have some chance of doing so. It is entirely possible that our infection by, and Belief in such, denies us any chance of confronting the reality of Nature’s Revenge and its subsequent costs and consequences. Indeed! Due our Belief in such, we have permitted the development and use of nuclear and other weapons of mass murder.

Our greed and the war against “Terror”, as practiced by those who cause that terror to grow exponentially, guarantees our inevitable collapse into a society of survivors who shall have little reason to applaud or cherish that survival. 

Given that such as the “Accidental President” (Being the gregarious fool now in Office: Donald J. Trump) and his cohorts have mocked and made meaningless all of America’s prior achievements, there is little reason to hope that survivors of the fast approaching use of all weapons of mass murder shall have stamina and survival instincts sufficiently embedded within their so stressed psyches as to generate a new belief in the value of life. 

Ergo, by our actions in permitting the madness of greed to so infect and harm us, we have guaranteed that our sense of humanity, if such it can be called, will fester for untold millennia prior to any recovery and proper utilization of that which first led us to learn how to operate on a child’s heart while still in its mother’s womb. (If we survive the still non-stop HeatRise!) 

And so it goes. 

America’s cities are no longer havens for patriotic and mutually caring for each other citizens. Many of them have turned into cauldrons of hate and extremes of anxiety wherein the majority are insecure and, suffering the psychosis that always develops due to such insecurity, are left to suffer the knowledge that they exist on a pinpoint balance. One that they are now starting to realize can tip against them at any time, wherever they might be. 

What will happen when the reality of the Non-Stop Heatrise & Non-Stop Storms such as “Hurricane Harvey” hits home?


What will happen as the cost of securing food sufficient to feed one’s family surpasses the ability of all within any such families to provide the means by which they may purchase that necessary food? 

What happens when we DARE NOT use more fossil fuels to power our farm tractors, sow our seeds and bring in the hoped for harvests? 

What happens when, at last, driven by a hunger that has no hope of being met, we abandon hope and rely on our weapons in order to guarantee that our families will be able to have one more meal, even if we have to take it, by force, from nearby neighbors? 

What happens when our political leaders call upon our sons and daughters in the military to turn their weapons on all who fail to stand and wait, as ordered, for the hoped for delivery of food, regardless of the nature of that food or the length of that wait? 

Yet, in spite of the above, in spite of now realizing the many hardships we face, we must not abandon hope. 

We must steel ourselves to make the necessary effort to finding a possible way to deal with the approaching crisis. And we must learn that we dare not trust our political leaders. After all, it is they, with their will to lie when need be, that permitted us to avoid having to think of such matters as the impossibility of “Sustainable Growth”, a model that was foisted upon us in order that the rich become richer while the masses continue their struggles to merely survive. 


I suggest that the only way to survive, on a collective basis, is for everyone to ignore politicians and their useless edicts and commit themselves to the good of all. 

It won’t be easy, but as far as I am able to visualize a possibility of the majority surviving: All that we can depend on is each other. PERIOD. 

Such a majority will consists solely of those who are prepared to immediately start planning and preparing for the now foreseeable and unavoidable collapse of our current way of life. 

For such to work, EVERYONE must pledge to never again ache for clothes or things produced by others working for starvation level wages. We must also promise to use each and every day of the rest of our lives to participate in efforts to grow enough food for everyone. 

Absent such a decision, by everyone, we shall suffer the total use of our will and capacity to mass murder millions “If Need Be”, in accordance with the demands of leaders who will refuse to be party to a development wherein individuals actually start to act as if they truly understand that their long term welfare is dependent on the long term welfare of all others. And our total dedication to stop using fossil fuels.

 Signs of the impending collapse: 

Some leaders suggest their nations have a right to do as they will in order that they might avoid suffering the wants, deprivations and the pangs of long term hunger that shall be the common situation for the rest of humanity as nature has its way and our previous acceptance of “The Population Bomb” forces us to wake to a new reality: A reality that demands of us that we live in a manner that leads us to lower our numbers and to subsequently keep those numbers in check. 

Readers are advised to study the Matthew Island experiment wherein a small number of healthy breeding pairs of Reindeer were placed on an island filled with abundant Lichen and no predators. The outcome of that experiment tells us, exactly, what we shall soon face. 

 If we should fail to heed the lessons thereby granted to us, nothing will help us evade what we shall then do to each other. Then, what? 

 Professor Skinner’s experiments with mice and rats tell the tale. 

There are "Limits To Growth" and it is unfortunate that we failed to listen to those who spent their lives trying to tell us that we are no different than other animal species, that we are as bound by the laws of nature and concepts such as “Overshoot”, Jevon’s Paradox and “Liebig’s Law of The Minimum” as are all other life forms. 

Note that we should learn about “Jevon’s Paradox” and guard against the mass use / adoption of whatever new sources of energy that we may yet find prior to suffering the otherwise unavoidable collapse. 

That America and the rest of the world have started to fall into a state of generalized anarchy can no longer be doubted. 

Absent a general will to conduct ourselves as “Human Beings”, we will revert to acting as the ANIMALS WE ARE, AND, in doing so, it is entirely possible, and most likely, HIGHLY PROBABLE, that WE WILL NOT do anything that WE KNOW AND DARE HOPE will assist “us”, INCLUDING OUR CHILDREN, to survive, IF it denies us Our Prized Mobility! 

Can such, truly, be called “An acceptance of Life”? Will such, truly, end up being “The American Way”? What about the rest of the world?

Some nations, not blessed with our first and predominating access to oil and the energy it provided to us and thereby helped us hold sway over the rest of humanity for some 150 years, will not suffer to the extent that we shall. 

They, used to hard work and doing with little that we believed we needed to more fully enjoy life’s pleasures; shall be able to deal with the new situation. They shall merely continue to focus on the job at hand: Providing food, via their own knowledge and efforts, for their families. 

Having maintained their skills, knowledge and habits with respect to growing, harvesting, storing and local delivery and utilization of their food supplies, they shall fare far better than the people of Western Europe and America. Canada, what about Canada? 

Whatever shall be suffered by the people of America, shall be suffered on a much greater scale by those Canadians unfortunate enough to have lived the totality of their lives in cities wherein everything was delivered to local stores for disbursement via business / commercial processes. 

Those who lived in smaller villages and continued to grow a portion of their food shall have a somewhat easier time. But they will not be able, in the short term, to develop the barter and other trade mechanisms that they previously used to share with their neighbors. 

Those skills will return, but only after a long period of doing without many of the things that our grandparents had the foresight to develop and broadly utilize. (My grandparents, on my mother’s side, raised ten children without reliance on electricity, running water, or local stores to supply items that were otherwise available to those who lived in Canada’s larger cities. They grew their own food, raised their own chickens, goats, cows and such, plowed their fields with their own horses, built their own homes, barns and other buildings and made their own clothes, harnesses and whatever else it took to survive.) 

 Shall we be able to do the same? 

We shall be able to do so if we start now to prepare for what is, quite simply, an unavoidable change in our near future circumstances. 

Some might implore of such as President Trump that America lay to waste to the rest of the world in order to decimate the numbers adding “More Heat!” to our overheated atmosphere. But, what about China? What about Russia and its determination to never again be the helpless victim of some other nation’s greed for “More!”? What will the other so armed Nations “do" due to whatever INSTANTANEOUS rise in “Edge Of Action” tensions, worldwide?

When will we deal with the greed that drives our political processes? 

When will we utilize the Nuremberg Principles to put an end to threats against other nations by such as President Trump and his willing cabal of greed driven criminals? 

When will we say “NO!” to madmen who would have us send our sons and daughters to foreign lands to murder the sons, daughters and whole families of other societies in order that we may, for a few more years, drive to a local corner store for a six pack and a pizza? 

Have we no shame? 

Will we permit such madness to curse our steps into the new paradigm that will, with or without us, form as a result of “The Non-Stop HeatRise”? 

What about our children? 

How will we prepare them for the new and fast approaching reality? Are we to continue the lies that have them believing that there is nothing they need be concerned about with respect to their near term future? 

The only way to proceed is to start a process by which our children can learn, as quick as possible, that we will soon be reduced to a struggle to survive. A struggle that will center on our ability to grow food and store, share and prepare it on a community basis. If we can achieve that goal, teaching ourselves and our children to learn how to make our own clothes and provide shelter against the extremes of weather, we will be on the way to a new world, one wherein “Human Values” may very well develop as an antidote to the religious creeds and credos that have set us against each other for far too long.

Now, the most serious of questions must be addressed: 

How can we help the vast majority avoid falling into a pit of depression from which they may well be unable to exit? How can we ensure that our children do not grow so despondent that suicide, to them, becomes a viable and suitable option? 

Most importantly: 

How can we get those who would lead us to now admit the truth of our predicament? 

So, where are we in the free fall towards the end of the world as we knew it? Do we have ten years to prepare? Five? Or less? 

Options versus Solutions 

It is doubtful that any possible solution, other than the immediate storage of ALL personal vehicles, exists to solve / ameliorate the Non-Stop HeatRise. 

Suggesting that we immediately park and abandon our personal use vehicles is a political non-starter. Any politician who would dare to promote such knows that they risk losing their pay, position and any possible promotion to higher office. 

No politician known to us today has shown any moral or other fiber that would be sufficient to support and promote that necessary act. 

Suggesting that the world’s nations make an agreement whereby all work to end our dependence on fossil fuels as soon as possible is also a non-starter. However:  We have little choice. 

Either the whole of humanity willfully chooses to confront the reality of the crisis posed by the non-stop HeatRise and we park, immediately, all personal use vehicles and save the remaining oil to fuel our farm tractors and food transport vehicles; or we choose to remain in a state of denial until the now developing economic collapse leads to World War III. 

Our choice should be clear. 

But our infection by the madness of greed and the years of our lives spent wasting the earth’s available bounty dictates that we have little hope of collectively confronting the crisis. 

Ergo: We are left to choose, as individuals, from a small set of options. 

Option 1: 

Discover some far away hideout where you can escape the consequences of too great a nuclear fallout, grow your own food and not have to be constantly on guard to protect it from those who, unable to fend for themselves, will have no choice but to try to survive by stealing the food and other supplies of whoever they might come across or whose food caches they might stumble upon. 

To have any hope of successfully surviving in such a scenario, you must have a rather comprehensive skill set, including an ability to diagnose medical ills, treat fractures, make harnesses, clothes, plows etc.

Absent possession of such skills and an intellectual ability and stamina to endure actually living in such circumstances, your best bet is: 

Option 2: 

And that is to develop and stay within a tight knit community, one that has come to terms with the crisis and wherein everyone has forgiven all others for whatever slights or crimes, real or imagined and made a truly honest and collective decision to work together to provide the needed food, clothes, water and shelter as required and to also stand by each other whatever happens. 

For this option to succeed, your community must be located far from any possible areas where we can anticipate downwind nuclear fallout. Also, in order to develop the best possible chance of staying together as a close knit group, all must do their best to contribute to the community’s ability to learn to be self-supporting. 

Such means that you must start to immediately spread the word in that community about the reality of the non-stop HeatRise and its unavoidable costs and consequences. 

You must also bring on board a cadre of older, calmer and more reflective personages within that community to help give a sense of hope and direction to everyone else. 

Option 3: 

Make a decision to do your utmost to survive where you presently live; and do everything in your power to enable yourself and family to provide yourselves with everything you need, through your own efforts and to protect each other from any outsider who might presume to have a right to your food and other supplies. 

In order for this to be a viable option, you must purchase as many seeds, clothing, weapons, ammunition and other hard goods as you can envision shall be necessary to your attempts to survive and, for a period of some years after the crash is well and truly underway, you should avoid, as best as possible, having anything to do with anyone who is not part of your immediate family and / or survival group. 

Option 4: 

I doubt that we have any more options, other than surrendering to the madness and prepare to party until widespread anarchy suggests that we become as hardened and as prepared to kill as our neighbors; and do so, before they do the same, to us. 

Sorry. But that is what we face, if we fail to start thinking, immediately, about that which the whole of humanity will soon endure and why we allowed it to happen. 


Should this message to the world inspire you to do something about the coming crisis: The operative word is “Community”. 

Help guide / develop yours to a point whereat everyone knows and understands that we must accept that a new paradigm is being formed; a paradigm that will involve hard work performed by all. 

Note that the people of Cuba responded as they had to respond when, following the collapse of the USSR, they could no longer expect to be supplied with oil to fuel their food production.

During the time they spent learning how to co-operate with each other in order to produce the food they needed, everyone lost some 14% of their body weight. Even now, there are few obese people in Cuba. 

The same will soon happen throughout the world. With respect to our need to maintain a certain level of agricultural output: 

I urge all farmers to develop a means to protect their beasts of burden from being slaughtered for food by starving individuals to whom “tomorrow” will be a meaningless abstract. 

May all do their utmost to survive with honor and principles intact. 

Thank you. 

Daniel J. Lavigne

 Folks! Things are getting much worse! We won’t even consider STORING our personal vehicles! Yet, ABSENT THE IMMEDIATE CESSATION of all activities other than that which is absolutely needed to produce food …. we are finished! PERIOD!



If  we actually and truly care,

we shall inform everyone of the 'why' of

President Obama's message:

'If we don't soon act,

there will come a time

when it will be too late to act.

“To Duty!"

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